Our Mission


Propose an innovative Technology based on a Controlled Release Delivery System empowering manufacturing, distributing and developing partners in the Nutraceutics and Pharmaceuticals fields with an all Natural Solution.


Our Vision


Innovation and the use of prime quality, All Natural Ingredients are the motors that drive our company to become a leader in optimizing Nutraceutics and food supplements. Biovelia’s scientific team is focusing on a release delivery system issued from the food sector. Biovelia provides an alternative to synthetic coating currently available on the market. Our goal is for our Delivery systems to facilitate the development and re-formulation of nutraceutics and food supplements that meet and exceed consumers and government agencies expectation on security and efficiency.


Our Values


The efficacy and safety are at the heart of our concerns. Technologies developed by Biovelia are developed by a team of expert scientists from academic research and are designed to meet the standards required by government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Health Canada or the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The use and promotion of food products or by-products and to give them a new life are an integral part of our priorities. Our product development partnership, are always based on a collaborative and synergistic.